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List of Vitamins and their deficiency diseases for competitive Exams

1. Vitamin A--------- Night blindness
2. Vitamin B1---------Beriberi
3. Vitamin B2-------- Ariboflavinosis
4. Vitamin B3 --------Pellagra

5. Vitamin B5 --------Paresthesia
6. Vitamin B6 --------Anemia
7. Vitamin B7 ------ Dermatitis, enteritis
8. Vitamin B9 & Vitamin B12 ----- Megaloblastic anemia
9. Vitamin C ------ Scurvy, Swelling of Gums
10. Vitamin D ------ Rickets & Osteomalacia
11. Vitamin E ------ Less Fertility
12. Vitamin K ------ Non-Clotting of Blood.

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