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Its Easy to Crack SSC CGL 2016 in just 15 Days Study Plan and Strategy

SSC CGL is one of the Popular and sustainable Department in which every second student want to crack this Exam. As on the Regular basis SS...

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Important GK Questions and Answers for SSC CGL 2017

1) Which among the following states has lowest Birth Rate ?
Ans : Kerala

2) Which is the Longest Peninsula river in India ?
Ans: Godavari

3) On which of these product, GST will be applicable ?
Ans Tobacco

4) What causes rainfall in North-western part of India ?
Ans Western Disturbance

5) Sahitya Kala Awards are given in how many languages
Ans 24 Languages

6) Which human brain is associated with hearing ?
Ans Cerebrum

7) Where the Headquarters of SAARC are located ?
Ans Kathmandu (Nepal)

8) Who is the present Prime Minister of Nepal ?
Ans Pushpa Kamal Dahal

9) Under which artcile, citizens are given "Right to Privacy" ?
Ans: Artcile 21

10) Outermost Range of Himalayas
Ans Shivalik

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