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Top 20 GK Objective Type Questions for SSC CGL 2016

SSC CGL Free Study material Free Online GK 2017 Download Current Affairs and Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers to crack CGL Exam 2017. Here we have Top 20 GK Questions with Answers for CGL 2017 2018.

GK Objective Type Questions and Answers

     1.       In which language were the Sangam classics written?
A.      Tamil
B.      Telugu
C.      Kannada
D.      Malayalam
     2.       Which one of the following divinity of Rigveda?
A.      Marut
B.      Agni
C.      Agni
D.      Varuna
     3.       The Indus valley civilization flourished during
A.      5000 – 3500
B.      3000 – 1500 B.C
C.      2500 – 1750 B.C
D.      1500 – 500 B.C
     4.       The Indus valley civilization was discovered in
A.      1902
B.      1921
C.      1922
D.      1932
     5.       The main occupation of the people of the Indus valley civilization was
A.      Agriculture
B.      cattle rearing
C.      hunting
D.      trade
      6.       Which one of the following Harappan sites had a dock?
A.      Harappa
B.      Mohenjodaro
C.      Lothal
D.      Alamgirpur
     7.       Which one of the following contains the Gayatri Mantra?
A.      Rigveda
B.      Yajurveda
C.      Upanishad
D.      Samaveda
     8.       The extreme form of Ahimsa or non violence is practiced in
A.      Jainism
B.      Hinduism
C.      Buddhism
D.      Sikhism
     9.       The Aryans at first settled in
A.      Gujarat
B.      Punjab
C.      Sindh
D.      Kashmir
     10.   Rabi crops of the Indus Valley are
A.      Rice and wheat
B.      Wheat and cotton
C.      Barley and rice
D.      Wheat and Barley
     11.   The famous temple of Kailasa, hewn out of the rock, is at
A.      Ellora
B.      Badami
C.      Mahabalipuram
D.      Elephanta
     12.   The Aryans came to India from
A.      South East Asia
B.      Eastern Europe
C.      Central Asia
D.      None of the above
     13.   The earliest example of a land grant is provided by an inscription
A.      the guptas
B.      the mauryas
C.      the satavahanas
D.      the mahameghavahanas
     14.   Alexander died at
A.      Patala
B.      Taxila
C.      Babylon
D.      Gedrosia
     15.   Everyone knows ‘The Taj Mahal’. It was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan, but for whom?
A.      Jahani Mahal
B.      Farida Mahal
C.      Mumtaz Mahal
D.      Toba Begum
     16.   Who introduced the system of Local boards or Local Bodies in India?
A.      Lord Lytton
B.      Lord Ripon
C.      Lord Curzon
D.      Lord Mayo
     17.   Which of the following Harappan sites had a dock?
A.      Lothal
B.      Harappa
C.      Alamgirpur
D.      Mohenjodaro
     18.   The Indus Valley Civilization belongs to the
A.      Palaeolithic Age
B.      Mesolithic Age
C.      Neolithic Age
D.      Chalcolithic Age
     19.   The family of the Rig Vedic Aryans was
A.      Matriarchal
B.      Matrilineal
C.      Patrilineal
D.      Patriarchal
     20.   The fourth Buddhist Council was held by
A.      Chandragupta
B.      Ashoka
C.      Harashavardhana
D.      Kanishka

     1.       Answer : A
     2.       Answer : D
     3.       Answer : C
     4.       Answer : B   
     5.       Answer : A
     6.       Answer : C
     7.       Answer : A
     8.       Answer : C
     9.       Answer : B
     10.   Answer : D
     11.   Answer : A
     12.   Answer : C
     13.   Answer : C
     14.   Answer : C
     15.   Answer : C
     16.   Answer : B
     17.   Answer : A
     18.   Answer : C
     19.   Answer : D
     20.   Answer : D


  1. you must concern on qst no. 18. I think the answer will be option D

    1. No dear answer is already verified :)

    2. Okey we will further check and update accorndngly :)

  2. Yeah.I read in Lucent and it says chalcolithic age.

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