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Questions Asked in Maths CGL Tier 2 Exam 2015 | Solved Paper

1.       The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 21 and 84 respectively. If the ratio of the two number is 1:4 then larger of the two numbers is
A)     12
B)      48
C)      108
D)     *84

2.       A sum of Rs. 7,930 is divided into 3 parts and given on loan at 5% simple interest to A,B and C for 2,3 and 4 years respectively. If the amounts of all three are equal after their respective periods of loan, then the A received a loan of
A)     Rs. 2,750
B)      Rs. 2,800
C)      *Rs. 2,760
D)     Rs. 3,050

3.       A plane divides a right circular cone into two parts of equal volume. If the plane is parallel to the base, then the ratio, in which the height of the cone is divided , is
A)     1:2
B)      1:2+1
C)      *1:2-1
D)     1:6
4.       If tan A =n tan B and Sin A =m sin B, then the value of cos^2A is
A)     m^2-1/n^2+1

B)      m^2+1/n^2-1
C)      *m^2-1/n^2-1
D)     m^2+1/n^2+1
5.       A manufacturer fixes his selling price at 33% over the cost of production. If cost of production gives up by 12% and manufacturer raises his selling price by 10% his percentage profit is
A)     36x5/9%
B)      *30x5/8%
C)      28x3/8%
D)     35%
6.       The numerical values of the volume and the area of the lateral surface of right circular cone are equal. If the height of the cone be h and radius be r, the value of 1/h^2+1/r^2 is
A)     1/3
B)      *1/9
C)      3/1
D)     9/1
7.       Quadrilateral ABCD is circumscribed about a circle. If the length of AB, BC, CD are 7cm, 8.5 cm and 9.2cm respectively, then the length (in cm) of DA is
A)     16.2
B)      7.2
C)      *7.7
D)     10.7
8.       The average of five consecutive positive  integer is n, if the next two integers are also included, the average of all these integers will
A)     Increase by 2/2
B)      Increase by 1.5/1.5
C)      *Increase by 1/1
D)     Remains the same
9.       Let x be the least number , which when divided by 5,6,7 and 8 leaves remainder 3 in each case but when divided by 9 leaves no remainder. The sum of digits of x is
A)     22
B)      21
C)      18*
D)     24
10.   If  5cosᴓ+12sinᴓ =13, 0ᶱ<ᴓ<90ᶱ, then the value of sinᴓ is
A)     -12/13
B)      12/13*
C)      5/13
D)     6/13
11.   If a shopkeeper wants to give 20% discount on a toy , he has to sell it for Rs. 300. If he sells it at Rs. 405 then his percent is
A)     8%*
B)      4%
C)      5%
D)     6%
12.   If  a-1/a-3 =5, then the value of (a-3)³-1/(a-3)³ is
A)     7
B)      14*
C)      5
D)     2
13.   The radii of two solid iron spheres are 1cm and 6cm respectively. A hollow sphere is made by melting the two spheres. If the external radius of the hollow sphere is 9cm then its thickness (in cm) is
A)     2
B)      0.5
C)      1.5
D)     1*
14.   Three science classes A,B and C take a life science test. The average score of class A is 83. The average score of class B is 76. The average score of class C ps 85. The average score of class A and B is 79 and average score of B and C is 81. Then the average score of classes A,B and C is
A)     80.5
B)      80
C)      81.5*
D)     81
15.   If a+1/b=b+1/c=c+1/a, where a≠b≠c≠0, then the value of a²b²c² is
A)     0
B)      1*
C)      -1
D)     abc
16.   let x be the smallest number , which when added to 2000 makes the resulting number divisible by 12, 16, 18 and 21. The sum of the digits of x is
A)     4
B)      6
C)      7*
D)     5
17.   If a hemisphere is melted and four spheres of equal volume are made, the radius of each sphere will be equal to
A)     1/4th of the radius of the hemisphere
B)      ½  of the radius of the hemisphere*
C)       radius of the hemisphere
D)     1/6th of the radius of the hemisphere
18.   A man purchases some oranges at the rate of 3 for Rs. 40 and the same quantity at 5 for Rs. 60. If he sells all at the rate of 3 for Rs. 50. Find his gain or loss percent (to the nearest interger)
A)     32% profit*
B)      34% loss
C)      31% profit
D)     31% loss
19.   In trapezium ABCD, AB||CD and AB=2CD, its diagonals intersect at O. if the area of ΔAOB=84cm², then the area of ΔCOD is equal to
A)     72 cm²
B)      26 cm²
C)      21 cm²*
D)     42 cm²
20.   The diameter of each wheel of a car is 70 cm. if each wheel rotates 400 times per min, then the sped of the car (in km/hr) is ( take Π=22/7)
A)     5.28
B)      52.8*
C)      0.528
D)     528
 * Right answer marked 

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