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Important Study Material for SSC CHSL 2017 GK and English pdf

Study Material for Upcoming SSC CHSL Exam 2017 Download free GK and Current Affairs from the SSC Portal. English and Quantitative Aptitude...

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English for SSC CGL 2015 , English Study Material for SSC

English study material for SSC CGL 2015, Get tips and tricks for staff selection commission 2015. Daily Vocab for SSC Tier 2 Exam. 
Words Asked in SSC Exam .

To make development or progress of something  slower
Very rude or insulting

A long walk , travel on foot
Make imperfect
To take revenge
Strong feeling or emotion
An injury
Producing a lot of works

• One who does not make mistakes: Infallible
• One who is out to subvert a government. -Anarchist
• One who is recovering from illness. -Convalescent
• One who is all powerful -Omnipotent
• One who is present everywhere. -Omnipresent
• One who knows everything - Omniscient
• One who can do anything for money. - Mercenary
• One who has no money. -Pauper
• One who changes sides. - Turncoat
• One who loves books. -Bibliophile
• One who can speak two languages. -Bilingual
• A dancer on rope – Acrobat

One Word substitution  Part 2
A person who is greatly respected because of wisdom – Venerable
An excessively morbid desire to steal – Kleptomania
Intentional destruction of racial groups – Genocide
A person who specially interested in the study of coins and medals – Numismatist  
A group of three powerful people – Triumvirate
Operation of the body after death – Post-mortem
Not easily pleased by anything - Fastidious 
To die without having made a will - Intestate 
Murder of a brother or sister - Fratricide  
Study of sounds is known as - Phonetics 

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