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Tricks to learn GK General Knowledge Tricks 2017-2018

All Useful Tricks in English for General Knowledge. GK Tricks in hindi and English. Tricks to Learn GK for Upcoming Exams of SSC and IBPS.Download pdf file Get Complete Tips and Tricks for SSC CGL 2017 . Daily Tricks updates Trick to Remember Bank HQ in India . Easy to learn GK and Maths Tricks

       1.    Petrol is a mixture of what?
Petrol is just like water H2O. Remember H2O, first H= hexane, second H=heptane and O= octain.

       2.    Longest highway NH-7 passes through....the following states
MAMU ka Tight Kurta . M- maharashtra. A- andhra. M- Madhya pradesh. U-up. Tight-Tamilnadu. kurta- karnatak

       3.    Trick to Remember direct taxes and indirect taxes
Direct taxes—— we-pro.co.in
We—wealth tax (Removed by Arun Jaitely)
Pro—property tax
Co—-corporate tax
In—–income tax
Indirect taxes———excuse me
Ex——excise tax
Cu——-custom tax
Se——-service tax
M——-market tax/vat
E——–entertainment tax

       4.    Indian Presidents who got “bharat ratna” –
trick :- RaDha JA GIRI KAmal par.
1. RAjendra prashad
2. RaDha krishnan
3. JAkir hussain
4. GIRI (V.V. Giri)
5. KAlam (A.P.J. Abdul kalam)

       5.      Top 5 Dense States (Population) D.C.P :-  BIHARI k BANGLE mein bahoot log rahte hain……
BANGLE=west bangal

       6.      All India Novel Prize winner in Sequential order
RaT Chandni Hai Khub Magar Chandrma Aya nahi Shyam
(All Indain Nobel prize winner are in Sequential order)
RaT = Rabindranath Tagore (Literature,1913)
Chandni = Sir C.V. Raman (Physics ,1930)
Hai Khub = Dr.Hargovind Khorana (Physiology & Medicine,1968)
Magar = Mother Teresa (Peace,1979)
Chandrma = Dr.S.Chandrasekhar (Physics,1983)
Aya = Dr.Amatya Sen (Economics, 1998)
Shyam = Kailash Satyarthi (Peace,2014)

       7.    विटामिन ABCDEK के
रासायनिक नाम
Trick – रथ_एक_टाफी
विटामिन A -
विटामिन B -
विटामिन C -
एस्कार्बिक अम्ल
विटामिन D -
विटामिन E - टा
विटामिन K - फी

       8.    राजस्थान के जोधपुर के आखेट निषिद्ध क्षैत्र
        TRICK   “गुडें की डोलो साज मे फिट है” 

गु -गुढा बिश्नोई {चिकांराकाला हिरणभेडिया}
डें – डेचूं {चिकांरामरू लोमड़ी}
की – #
डो – डोली {काला हिरणचिकांरा}
लो – लोहावट {चिकांरामरू लोमडी}
सा – साथीन {कालाहिरणचिकांरा}
 – जम्बेश्वरजी {चिकांरामरूलोमड़ी
मेँ – #
फिट – फिटकाशनी {चिकांराकाला हिरण}
हैँ – #

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  4. Wat abt vs Naipaul and venkataraman radhakrishnan

  5. Wat abt vs Naipaul and venkataraman radhakrishnan

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  9. good efforts ...but WEALTH TAX is removed w.e.f 2015 by ARUN JAITELY .. So correct that

  10. good efforts ...but WEALTH TAX is removed w.e.f 2015 by ARUN JAITELY .. So correct that

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