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Some Important Facts about INDIA

Important Facts about India Most Amazing and Interesting Facts of India Here we have some interesting things which you should know about our country India.
  • --The largest democratic country
  • --The 2nd largest population
  • --The 7th largest country in land size
  • --The largest Hindu population
  • --The largest Sikh population
  • --The largest Jain population
  • --The 3rd largest Muslim population
  • --The 6th largest Buddha population
  • --The 4th largest military
  • --The largest English speaking country
  • --There is 17 major languages and 844 dialects spoken in India.
  • --India was one of the richest countries on earth until the British invasion in the early 17th century.
  • --India invented the number system and Aryabhatta was the scientist who invented the digit zero.
  • --Chess was invented in India.
  • --India has the most number of mosques.
  • It has 300,000 mosques which is much more than the Muslim world.
  • --India is one of the largest exporter of computer software products.
  • --Before 1986, India was the only place in the world where Diamonds could be found.
  • --The biggest and the largest employer in the world is Indian railways employing over a million people.
  • --India has the most number of post offices in the world.
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