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Important Geographical Discoveries in World

1). America - Christopher Columbus (Italian)
2). Sea Route To India -Vasco Da Gama (Portuguese)
3). China - Marco Polo
4). New Foundland - John Cabot (British)
5). Brazil - Pedro Alvarez Cabral (Portuguese)
6). Island of Tasmania And New Zealand - Tasman (Dutch)
7). Hawaiian Islands - Captain Cook (Britain)
8). North Pole - Robert Peary (USA)
9). South Pole - Amundsen (Norway)
10). Suez Canal - Ferdinand De Lesseps
11). Victoria Falls - David Livingston (British)
12). Cape of Good Hope - Bartholomew Diaz (Portuguese)
13). Greenland - Norseman Eric
14). North America - Leif Erricsson
15). Niger River - Mungo Park
16). Lake Tanganyika - Richard Francis Burton
17). Hudson Bay - Henry Hudson
18). Mount Everest - Edmund Hillary

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