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Important Study Material for SSC CHSL 2017 GK and English pdf

Study Material for Upcoming SSC CHSL Exam 2017 Download free GK and Current Affairs from the SSC Portal. English and Quantitative Aptitude...

Free Online Test Series For SSC CGL 2016 Expert’s Tips and Tricks to Crack SSC CGL Exam | Preparation Tips

Top 50 GK Questions for Competitive Exams 2017 2018

General Knowledge for Competitive Exams download pdf for ssc cgl 2017 ibps and upsc gk questions for Competitive Exams 2017 pdf Free Online Test Series for Upcoming Exams Bank Exams visit FlizzIndia. Get Complete General Knowledge for Upcoming SSC Exams . Free online Mock Test series for ssc cgl 2017 exam.


Here we have list of Latest and important abbreviations for competitive exams like SSC UPSC and IBPS 2017 2018 Get free Study Material and Quiz for upcoming Competitive Exams. Prepare for government Jobs 

• KCC – Kisan Credit Card
• KVIC – Khadi and Village Industries Corporation
• KYC – Know your customer
• LAMPS – Large Sized Adivasi Multipurpose societies
• LERMS – Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System
• LIC – Life Insurance Corporation of India
• MCA – Ministry of Company affairs
• MIS – Management Information System
• MICR – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
• NABARD – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
• NBFC – Non Banking Finance Companies
• NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer

Some Important Facts about INDIA

Important Facts about India Most Amazing and Interesting Facts of India Here we have some interesting things which you should know about our country India.
  • --The largest democratic country
  • --The 2nd largest population
  • --The 7th largest country in land size

Important Indian History GK Questions With Answers Asked in SSC and UPSC

Important GK Questions for upcoming SSC Exams IBPS Exams Complete GK Updates objective type Questions and Test Series for IBPS UPSC and SSC . Important Indian History GK Questions with answers asked in previous SSC/UPSC Exams 2014. You can download our Daily GK Updates from our General Knowledge Page. Latest Current Affairs.

1. Who was the founder of Haryanka dynasty?
Answer: Bimbisara

2. Who was the last ruler of Nanda dynasty?
Answer: Dhana Nanda

3. Which Indian bird or animal was widely exported during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Peacock

4. Where was the central point or meeting point of Indo-Roman trade?
Answer: Alexandria

5. Which Sangam composition is known as ‘The Bible of Tamil Land’?
Answer: Tirukkural

6. Who were the richest and biggest land owning class during the Sangam Age?
Answer: Velas

7. Who wrote Shilappdikaram in Sangam Literature?
Answer: Elango Adigal

8. Indra Vihara was the monastery of which religion?
Answer: Buddhist

Important Abbreviations for Competitive Exams pdf

Important abbreviations for upcoming competitive exams SSC , IBPS , UPSC and other exams 2016. Download full list of full forms for bank exams pdf free download. free online test series for ssc. Get general knowledge and current affairs

B. A.
Bachelor of Arts
M. A.
Master of Arts
B. Sc.
Bachelor of Science
M. Sc.
Master of Science
B. Sc. Ag.
Bachelor of Science inAgriculture
M. B. B. S.
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

GK Questions with Answer History Questions

Important GK Questions with Answers for SSC CHSL and MTS from History. History and Geography GK Questions and Answers for Competitive exams like SSC CGL CPO and MTS 2017 2018

01. The first Olympiad was held in Greece in the year - 776 BC
02. Rome was founded in the year - 753 BC
03. The Great wall of China was built in the year - 214 BC
04. The first voyage around the world was undertook by whom in 1522 – Magellan
05. The first President of USA was - George Washington
06. Which Battle marked the end of Napoleon era – Waterloo

General Knowledge Objective type Question-Answers for SSC CGL and MTS 2017

General Knowledge Objective Type GK Questions and Answers for SSC CGL MTS and CPO Exam 2017. Free Online Study material for Competitive Exams 2017 Get online GK Quiz and Current Affairs Quiz 2017. 

1.The longest National Highway NH7 runs from Varanasi to_________.
a)    Trivandrum
b)    Kanyakumari
c)    Nagapattinam
d)    Ramanathapuram
Answer- b) Kanyakumari
2.The headquarters of Indian Railways is in _________.
a)    Mumbai  
b)    Delhi
c)    Nagpur
d)    Chennai 
Answer – b) Delhi

Tricks to learn GK General Knowledge Tricks 2017-2018

All Useful Tricks in English for General Knowledge. GK Tricks in hindi and English. Tricks to Learn GK for Upcoming Exams of SSC and IBPS.Download pdf file Get Complete Tips and Tricks for SSC CGL 2017 . Daily Tricks updates Trick to Remember Bank HQ in India . Easy to learn GK and Maths Tricks

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